Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass – Is It Possible to Gain Weight After Gastric Surgery?

There are several reasons why you experience weight gain after gastric bypass. Let’s take a look more.

Gastric bypass surgery actually is proven procedure to lose weight dramatically for overly overweight people. Research has shown in the first two years you can expect to lose between 50 to 80 percent of your excess weight.

When you combine the surgery with suggested lifestyle modifications you can make sure to maintain your ideal weight for long term.

Unfortunately, for some people, they can regain their weigh back after quite sometimes.Even though 80 percent of patients will gain regain 5 to 10 pounds of their weight as a side effect following their post-surgery loss which is normal. But for small people around 5% out of whole cases, the number can be really high more than 10 pounds.

There are so many factors that can make you regain your weight again, for example: nutritional habits, self-esteem, preoperative body mass index and mental health.

The Period After You Lose Weight

According to study on average you can lose up to 70% percent of your excess weight after your gastric bypass surgery. That means if you have 100 pounds excess weight, you can expect to lose almost 70 pounds.

But unfortunately after you reach your low-point (a new set point in your weight) called nadir, you will likely gain a little weight back. Almost 80% of patients experience such phenomenon.

On average you gain 5% of your original weight within 5 years of surgery. It is important you maintain your eating and exercise habit to keep your weight off. If you don’t control your eating habit you can cause your stomach to stretch again. Your stomach will stretch naturally to accommodate more foods as a result of your excess eating habit.

Unhealthy eating habit such as taking high sugar, high-fat foods is the number one cause you will bring your weight back again.

Several Factors That You Should Be Aware

Some factors can make you more likely gain your weight back again. Addressing these factors early can help you avoid problems later on.

  1. Your weight before surgery – losing weight before you do your surgery can help you a lot later on.  When you lose weight before surgery, you will increase the likelihood to lose and retain your weight after the surgery.
  2. Alcohol or drug abuse – drinking alcohol or taking drug can lead to significant surgery complications resulting in significant weight gain.
  3. Lack of support – bariatric surgery patients need to get constant support and maintain their lifestyle constantly. Therefore, getting counseling from hospital or support group is important.

How to Reverse Your Weight Gain

There is still a possibility you will regain your weight even after you follow every of your doctor’s advices. In this case, you should talk to your doctor to determine the next medical procedure that needs to be done depending on the cause. You might either have to re-size your pouch or having your pouch connection tightened.