Seattle Sutton Meals Delivery Reviews

Seattle Sutton Meals Delivery service was founded in Marseilles by registered nurse with a name Seattle Sutton thus the name of Seattle Sutton came from.

The program is created, as a way to help people improve their eating habit. She has a website called Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating that shows menu and give some information.

The services are convenient, delicious and tasteful, calorie controlled and low in fat. The service offers two different options to choose which are 1,200 and 2000 calorie a day meal program.

The program is made for people who want to lose weight and have diabetic or heart related problems and unable or prefer not to cook meals for themselves.

The Diet and Nutrition

As mentioned previously, you get two different meals plan that you can choose: 1,200 and 2000 calorie a day meal program. The meals are made by professional chefs and low in glycemix index. Low glycemix index food is good to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent any feeling of hunger.

The meals are delivered two times a week. Each shipment contains 21 meals broken down into 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners.

You are allowed to drink fat-free milk, have an occasional alcohol drink and go out dinner. When you are going out dinner, it is recommended that you eat salads with side dress, lean protein and vegetables without added butter.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Seattle Sutton’s program was created by medical professional
  • The program offers convenient way to eat healthy for busy people
  • Ideal for diabetic and heart-disease patients
  • The foods are low in calorie and low in fat
  • The foods are prepared fresh and refrigerated meals
  • You are encouraged to do exercise

The Cons

  • The program can be expensive
  • You won’t learn how to prepare your own meals from the program
  • The program doesn’t offer vegetarian plan
  • You can’t customize your own menu
  • It is not long-term solution