NutriFit Meal Delivery Reviews

NutriFit is a meal delivery service founded by Jackie Keller, licensed certified wellness coach and the author of popular book “Body After Baby”, that makes and delivers fresh meals to your doorstep.  It is a great service if you are too busy to make your own meals.

The great thing about NutriFit is you can create your own customized menu by searching through their database containing 2,200 ingredients. The meals are then made by qualified chefs using only fresh and quality ingredients.

NutriFit will then deliver your meals up to three times per week. The customization feature allows you to combine any breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks combination that you want.

There are several programs available at NutriFit. You can choose the programs to lose, gain or maintain current weight. Then your meals will be prepared according to the program that you choose.

At a time of writing, NutriFit delivery area is only available at Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Country. In Orange Country, California, NutriFit’s clients include celebrities Hollywood and many top figures in industry.

The Diet and Nutrition

NutriFit provides nutritious and delicious meals that are made to fulfil your goal whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight.

You can choose more than 2,200 combinations of ingredients and receive for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Some examples of NutriFit’s menus are:

  • Greek omelette
  • Orange chicken
  • Balsamic-broiled salmon

The Pros and Cons


  • The meals are made in perfect proportion to suit your needs.
  • You have thousands of unique choices.
  • NutriFit has several flexible plans to meet any of your health goals.
  • The company does all the guesswork in calorie counting and meal planning.


  • At a time of writing, the program only available in Southern California.
  • The price for NutriFit package can be a little bit expensive..