Magic Kitchen Meals Reviews

Magic Kitchen is a meal delivery service founded in 2005 with a main goal to deliver foods nationwide including Alaska and Hawaii.

Magic Kitchen is specialized in family size and single serving meals delivery. The meals are designed and made by professional chefs so you just need to re-heat and eat the meals when they are delivered to your door.

Magic Kitchen is great option for you if you are too busy but still wants to enjoy healthy foods or for senior citizens that need someone to prepare their meals.

The Magic Kitchen Meals Delivery offers several options including vegetarian option. You can also choose meal bundles package if you have many people to feed.

You can personally select your own favorite menu. There are several options available such as low fat meals, low sodium meals, low carb meals and vegetarian meals.

The Diet and Nutrition

Magic Kitchen meals are cooked by certified chefs to ensure that you get healthy and delicious meals. You can customize your own meals plan at some degree so you are in complete control of what you are eating.

Magic Kitchen offers several choices to meet every of your dietary needs.

All of those choices are divided into two menus that you can choose which are home style menu and the Magic Kitchen special menu. If you have special needs, you can choose the Magic Kitchen special menu.

There are several special menus included in Magic Kitchen that are portion controlled, diabetic friendly and low in sodium.

You can also purchase several meals package including dessert package family size meals, Italian lovers, kid friendly bundle and many more.

With a wide variety of menus offered, you are sure to find something that can satisfy your personal tastes.

Some examples of the meals include:

  • Chicken breast teriyaki
  • Crab cakes
  • Lemon risotto
  • Carrot cake
  • Dutch apple pie

The Pros and Cons


  • There are a wide variety of meals available
  • You can choose one person package or family size package
  • You can buy meals package or separate meals
  • The meals plan is great option for senior citizens and people with busy lifestyle
  • Vegetarian options available
  • The company offers various options that can fulfill every of your dietary needs


  • The service can be costly
  • You can purchase extra add on items that will eventually raise calorie count and portion size.