Diet Plans Food Lovers Diet Plan

Food Lovers Diet Plan

Food Lovers Diet Plan

The Food Lovers Diet Plan was created by fitness magazine to help people lose weight without extreme dieting techniques such as fad diets.

The program offers five strategies covering how to eat, plan meals, deal slower than expected weight loss, have a realistic goal and maintain regular exercise into your routine.

The Food Lovers Diet Process

The program starts off with explanation on how to eat and measure calorie intake. As dieter, you will eat approximately 1,500 calories per day. If you do exercise on that day, you will eat as much as 1,600 calories.

According to the program, if you eat less than 1,500 calories a day and exercising regularly, you will be hungry hence your diet will fail.

When planning diet menu you are required to eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy sources of fat. It is important to mix the right carbohydrates, fats and proteins into each meal to keep your body strong and healthy.

Aside from the diet plan, Fitness Magazine also suggests an exercise plan consisted of cardiovascular and strength training.

The Food Lovers Diet Weight Loss

The Food Lovers Diet Plan is diet plan that encourages a gradual weight loss of 1 lb to 2 lb per week. It burns fat by decreasing your calories intake and increasing your exercise.

The actual amount of weight that you can lose can be varied depending on your specific meal choices and calorie consumption, exercise routine and metabolic rate.

Additional Thoughts   

The diet plan does not take your current weight, medical conditions or exercise into account. So it is unknown whether you can do the diet or not.

Therefore you should speak with your physician before attempting The Food Lovers Diet.

If you have health-related problems such as diabetes or hypertension then it will be impossible for you to do the diet because you may need to follow a pre-scribed diet and limit certain foods according to your doctor’s instruction.

Also, The Food Lovers Diet does not provide enough calories for very overweight people, nursing mother or people who do various exercises.

The Food Lovers Diet Plan available for free here Fitness Magazine – The Food Lover’s Diet.

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