Diet Plans Does Food Lovers Fat Loss Really Work?

Does Food Lovers Fat Loss Really Work?

Does Food Lovers Fat Loss Really Work?

Food Lovers Fat Loss is diet program created by Robert Ferguson known as the famous owner of the Diet Free Life Clinic in Ventura, California. From his clinic he has taught many people how to lose weight and change their lifestyle permanently.

He created his latest diet program, “Food Lovers Fat Loss” for people who want to lose weight but can’t control their eating habit.

Theoretically speaking, the diet program promises that you can eat as many foods as you want and still lose weight. But does the program really work as promised?

The Promise

Food Lovers Fat Loss allows you to eat all your favorite foods between your dieting sessions to make you lose weight every week. You are encouraged to eat foods that promote rapid burn fat while keeping your body’s health in check.

The diet program optimizes your glycemic profile and converts your body to fat burning mode. It also helps to keep your blood sugar level in check. It boosts your metabolism higher by allowing you to eat your favorite foods.

The Reality

The gap exists between the promise and the reality. In reality, you can eat your favorite foods in tiny amounts. The Food Lovers Fat Loss allows you to visit your favourite restaurant but doesn’t allow you to eat as much as you want there.

You can spend $120 on The Food Lovers Fat Loss program for recipe books and videos to learn what you already know: calories count. When you learn thoroughly about this program, there is nothing new that this program offers.

This program only offers the same basic diet advice that you have known for years: eat less and exercise more.

The Same Diet Advice for Free

You can get the same diet advice in The Food Lovers Fat Loss program for free if you visit sites such as My Pyramid provided by the United States Department of Agriculture or Eat Right site provided by the American Dietetic Association.

Don’t be tricked by all the photos at The Food Lovers Fat Loss website. The program gives unrealistic expectations, there is no way you can lose weight several pounds per week if you keep eating omelets with fried potatoes, steak with baked potato and sour cream in large quantities.

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