Cost of Gastric Bypass & Different Financing Methods

The average cost for gastric bypass surgery is around $20,000 and can be as high as $35,000. This high price can turn off a lot of people to do the surgery. The high price of the surgery depends on several factors such as:

  1. The procedures – There are two types of gastric bypass surgery procedures: open and laparoscopic surgery.  You need to pay $2,500 more for open surgery than for laparoscopic surgery because you need to stay longer at hospital.
  2. The surgeon – Different surgeons have different prices. Some surgeons charge more because they are more experienced. Other surgeons charge more because they are the only ones that can do gastric bypass surgery at your area.
  3. The region – You may be able to get lower price if you do your surgery for example at Mexico. This can have plusses and minuses on its own.
  4. Do you have insurance? – Your surgery can be less expensive if it is covered by insurance. Usually, your insurance provider has negotiated some kinds of deals for you.

The Breakdown for Each Cost

We can breakdown the cost of bariatric surgery into several elements, including:

-          The fees of the hospital

-          Your surgeon

-          Surgical assistant

-          The fees of anesthesia used

-          Lab and x-ray cost

-          Operation room

-          And Consultation cost

In most cases, you need to pay more money for pre and post surgery fees such as:

-          Fees for dietitian

-          For psychologist

-          For bariatric vitamins used

-          For follow-up sessions after the surgery

It might seem expensive for you. But in the long-term you can save a lot of money if you do gastric bypass surgery. According to one study, gastric bypass surgery patients could save as much as $3000 per year or more in comparison with people who have obesity health problems but don’t do the surgery.

Another study also showed that for people doing laparoscopic surgery, they were broke even within 2 years and for open surgery patients, they were broke even within 4 years.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Insurance

Insurance is the most popular way to make gastric bypass surgery affordable for most people. It is a good thing if you already have insurance, you can ask your insurance provider regarding the process to apply.

If you don’t have insurance, you should ask your employer whether your bariatric surgery is covered or not. The application process can be long but you can rest assure the insurance will pay everything you need for the surgery.

Other Financing Methods

If you don’t have insurance, you can look for other financing methods:

-          Make several payments. You should talk with your surgeon if she/he offers payment plan.

-          Ask help from family and friends.

-          You can try to secure loans.

-          Retirement plan loans.

-          Permanent life insurance loans.

-          Credit cards.